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HYDRO frequently asked questions


Worried about being in togs, or being able to swim?

Question: Do I have to be able to swim to do hydrotherapy?

Answer: No! A large number of people who do hydrotherapy cannot swim or cannot swim well. You do not have to be able to swim to do hydrotherapy. Just mention this to Alwyn when you book and he will explain the options for those less confident in water, including special access to the water, use of rails and the side, staying in the shallow end, flotation devices etc. The most important thing to remember is that you will be safe and in control at all times.

Question: I'm worried about being in my togs. What should I wear to hydro?

Answer: Whatever you are most comfortable in! You don't have to wear your best swimmers to hydro (in fact its not a great idea, as the warm water sometimes fades clothes after a while). A lot of people wear togs and shorts and a t-shirt over them.

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

Question: Do I need a referral from my doctor to do hydrotherapy?

Answer: No. You can see a physiotherapist without a doctor’s referral. We can contact your doctor if you wish to discuss your condition, however, and usually do so. If your doctor has referred you, bring your referral to your first session.

Can you see me at my home pool, or an aquatic centre I go to?

Yes. We will quote if outside our normal area we work or days we do not normally attend a centre.

What does a hydro session cost

We try to keep our fees manageable and in line with current physio and OT schedules. What you pay will depend on your type of funding.
• If you are under Workcover/Insurance or DVA and have a current referral from your GP, then you will not have any out of pocket charges.
• NDIS clients with a current service agreement in place will not attract any out of pocket costs.
• If you have a Medicare care plan from your doctor (Enhanced Primary Care scheme) you will be charged a $10 gap fee for physiotherapy (plus travel fee if applicable).
• Telehealth appointments under care plans will also attract a $10 gap.
• If you are a private physio client (no other funding models) you will be charged a fee of $89 for an initial consultation, $79 for follow up consultations plus travel a rebate may be available from your private health fund you should check for this prior to attending.
• Travel if not charged to an organisation (WC, DVA, NDIS) will be quoted on separately if not a normal pool we visit or a day we normally attend.
• We will clearly quote and inform you of out of pocket costs before your session